VII Festival of Protestant Culture „500 Years of Reformation” – Summary

The VII Festival of Protestant Culture – „500 Years of Reformation”, was held in Wroclaw, Poland from May 7-14, 2017. Throughout the week in many places of Wroclaw there were a number of events relating to Protestant heritage, past, present and future. Thousands of people came to these events which were also widely reported in the media.

The final summary will take more time, but we can already say that the VII Festival of Culture Protestant in some respects was a record celebration. It was the longest festival, had the most events, and involved many organizers, the most participants, and the most coverage by the media – to name a few aspects.

We invite you to read the summary about the weeklong Festival.

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Spektakl „Czas na miłość” odbył się 9 maja w auli Ewangelikalnej Wyższej Szkoły Teologicznej. Wystąpili Marzanna Graff i Aleksander Mikołajczak IMG 7798 IMG 7834 IMG 7809 IMG 7801 IMG 7812 IMG 7824 IMG 7855 IMG 7838 IMG 7849 IMG 7866 IMG 7864 IMG 7858 IMG 7876 IMG 7879 IMG 7883 IMG 7882 IMG 7889 IMG 7901 IMG 7905 IMG 7915 IMG 7910 IMG 7912 IMG 7920 IMG 7930 IMG 7939 IMG 7924 IMG 7962 IMG 7983 IMG 7972 IMG 7949

The 7th Festival of Protestant Culture "500 years of Reformation"

About the 7th Festival of Protestant Culture

The Jubilee of the Reformation will be the main theme of this year's Protestant Culture Festival, from May 7-14, 2017. Evangelical School of Theology (EST) is cooperating with the Lutheran Church and other churches in Wroclaw as well as German Consulate, City of Wroclaw, choirs, and other organizations and individuals for the Festival. Events include concerts, conferences, exhibitions, multimedia presentations, panel discussions, etc. Most of the events are free but some require registration or tickets.

Below is the full program with dates, times and locations

May 7th (SUNDAY)

18.00 Inaugural concert: Beata Bednarz with music group, Społeczność Chrześcijańska we Wrocławiu (Christian Fellowship in Wroclaw),
ul. Brzóski 1


May 8th (MONDAY)

18.00 A show: „Time for love” – ​​performance by Marzanna Graff and Aleksander Mikołajczak,
EWST Hall, ul. św. Jadwigi 12 *


May 9th (TUESDAY)

9.30 – 17.00 „The Faces of the Reformation”–  conference with Wroclaw University and Catholic Seminary in Wroclaw,
EWST Hall, ul. św. Jadwigi 12


May 10th (WEDNESDAY)

18.00 Lecture: „Table talks (Tischreden) uttered by Martin Luther during house disputes with friends” – Meeting with Krzysztof Rzońca – the author of the editorial theological merit of the latest Polish translations of these statements
Lutheran Church,  ul. Kazimierza Wlk. 29


May 11th (THURSDAY)

9.00 – 11 .00 Walk in the footsteps of Wroclaw theologians,
Beginning of the walk at Dom Edyta Stein (Edith Stein’s House), ul. Nowowiejska 38

18.30 Opening of the exhibition: Schlesisches Museum, Görlitz „Faithful on the road, forest preachers, children in prayer„,
Church of Mary Magdalena, ul. Szewska 10

18.30 Opening of the exhibition: „Here I stand” – Martin Luther, Reformation and its consequences,
Square/plaza near Church of Mary Magdalena, ul. Szewska 10

19.00 Organ and choral concert: „Music of the Reformation”, Agnieszka Franków-Żelazny – conductor, Markus Leidenberger – organ, National Forum Music choir,
Church of Mary Magdalena, ul. Szewska 10


May 12th (FRIDAY)

10.00 – 17.00Is there a new Luther in the room?” II Student-Doctoral Scientific Theologians Conference,
EWST, ul. św. Jadwigi 12

16.30 Exhibition: „The Word of God lasts forever. Protestant buildings in Europe„,
Wieża matematyczna, Gmach Główny Uniwersytetu (The Mathematical Tower, University Main Building), pl. Uniwersytecki 1

19.00Luther was never in Silesia” – presentation of youth from Görlitz, Niesky and Boxberg,
Lutheran Church, sala parafialna (parish hall), ul. Kazimierza Wlk. 29

20.30 Laser show of the 500 years of Reformation: Music – J.S. Bach, A. Vivaldi, F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, W. Kilar, A. Agricola, G.F. Telemann,
Lutheran Church, ul. Kazimierza Wlk. 29


May 13th (SATURDAY)

12.00 Opening of the MOBILE Truck: Reformation information,
Rynek (Market Square) (at the pillory)

15.00 Discussion panel: „Civil society 1517-2017. Europe, Poland, Wroclaw” with Professor Jerzy Buzek, Bishop Waldemar Pytel, President of Wroclaw Rafał Dutkiewicz. Moderator: Rector University of Wroclaw, Professor Adam Jezierski,
Dom Europy (House of Europe), ul. Widok 10 *

18.00 Jubilee concert: „Solus Christus” – Song and Dance Ensemble Silesian im. Stanislaw Hadyny,
National Music Forum, plac Wolności 1 **

19.00 Concert of worship: „The Lord is my shepherd”, First Baptist Church,
ul. Kłodnicka 2

22.00 Display of multimedia fountain presentation with logo 500 years of Reformation,
Fountain at Hala Stulecia (Centennial Hall), ul. Wystawowa 1


May 14th (SUNDAY)

11.00 500 Years of the Reformation – Anniversary Jubilee: Bishop Ragnar Persenius (Sweden),
Church of Mary Magdalena, ul. Szewska 10

18.00 Concert of Grzegorz Kloc, Kościół “Słowo Życia” (Church of the „Word of Life”),
ul. Sołtysowicka 15c


MAY 13-14th

Vocal Workshops: „Jesus, my Joy” – Julieta Gonzales, Krzysztof Baszton,
Kamienica pod Aniołami, ul. Kazimierza Wlk. 31-33 ***


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Most of the events are free but some require registration or tickets